Pumpkin Decorating

There’s no better way to announce Fall, then with a few pumpkins sitting on your front step.  I’ve always tried to master the art of pumpkin carving, but year after year, end up with no more than a simple lopsided face.  I use the excuse that I don’t have the right tools, and a steak knife taken from my kitchen probably is far from the right tool, but the truth is, I just don’t have the patience to express my creativity in this way.

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, one of my friends had shared this picture,
a cute pumpkin decorated with ribbon and a hot glue gun.  This was originally posted at Baker’s Village, with instructions that even my lack of patience personality could handle.  Someone had even suggested that the same effect could be achieved by using push pins instead of hot glue (even better!).

After viewing the picture, a light bulb came on!  Maybe I could spare myself the embarrassment of the child like carved pumpkin on my step this year.  Here are some other great, no-carve, pumpkin decorating ideas that will make your neighbors jealous :)

BOO! Pumpkin


Found at Better Home and Gardens, these pumpkins were decorated using an apple corer to create the word “Boo”, but I’m sure your imagination could come up with other cute designs using the same method.


Painted Designs

Put away your steak knife and take out your paint brush!  Pumpkins can be decorated with acrylic paint or even permanent marker to achieve the same creative results as carving.


These happy pumpkins, found at Good Housekeeping, look like they’ve been carved, but in reality, the faces were painted on.  The creator first started with a washable marker, so that they could “erase” and correct mistakes and when the desired effect was achieved, they colored it with permanent marker.



black and white pumpkins


Starting with a white basecoat of white flat acrylic paint and using black flat acrylic paint for the designs, you can achieve the same effect as these painted pumpkins found at Country Living.



Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins


Is it candy corn or pumpkins?  Found at Better Home and Gardens, these pumpkins were sprayed painted with 3 different colors to achieve this yummy effect.





If painting designs isn’t your talent, have no fear, you can still achieve a nice painted effect with the use of hand made stencils and some black paint.  These are great for kids!  Parenting.com used stick on dots and shapes cut from masking tape, taped them to the pumpkin, painted it black, then after the paint dried, peeled off the tape.


Decorative Pumpkins

By adding some additional details, look at the fun, unusual and creative pumpkins you can create!



These Bat-o-Lanterns, found at Family Fun are just too cute.  These are mini pumpkins, painted black.  The wings,ears and eyes are cut from craft foam and adhered with glue dots.



Wrap it Up, with cheesecloth and mod podge, to create this spooky mummy pumpkin.  Complete instructions are found at Plaid.




01 25 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Projects (Mostly No Carve)

Do you prefer cute to spooky?  With a white pumpkin, some sunflower seeds and some patience, you can create these adorable Owl designed pumpkins found at Better Homes and Gardens.



I’m not sure about you, but these no-carve pumpkin designs have inspired me!  I’m going out this weekend to pick up some pumpkins and hopefully redeem myself in the pumpkin decorating department.  Do you decorate pumpkins?  I would love to see what you create!

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