Planning Checklist

Party Plan Checklist


If you start planning your party 8 weeks before the event, you will save yourself a lot of last minute stress!


6-8 Weeks Before Your Event

_____  1. Decide on the date.

_____ 2. Decide on your budget.

_____ 3. Decide on your theme and colors so that all items you purchase later will match.

_____ 4. Decide on the amount of guest you want to invite, or that you must invite, and make your party guest list.  It is advised to invite 20% more than you can handle since only 70 – 80% of invited guests accept the invitation.  Make sure you have all your potential guests’ phone numbers and addresses.

_____ 5. Grab a clipboard or folder to begin organizing your party planning notes.  Clip this party planning check list to the front of your folder

_____  6.  Make a party supply list.

_____ 7. Decide on your party location.  Will this be at your house?  Inside/Outside?  At another venue?

_____ 8. If using venue, book now.


4 Weeks Before Your Event

_____ 1. Now is the time to prepare your invitations.  I would advise mailing your invitations now, especially if you are inviting guests from out of town.  Remember to include RSVP information, directions- if needed and any other important details.

_____ 2. Make a list of party games and include all supplies you will need.

_____ 3. Will you be playing music? Start gathering the songs or CD’s that you will need.

_____ 4. If you have chosen to have entertainment or a DJ for the event, book them now.



3 Weeks Before Your Event

_____ 1. If you have not yet mailed your invitations, now is the time!  Mail them, email, or phone potential guests.

_____ 2. Look at your games supply list and start gathering what you will need.  Keep them together, in a box or bin,until the day of the event to prevent them from getting misplaced.

_____ 3. Order your cake

_____ 4. You will most likely need help on the day of the party, so start asking for volunteers.  Do you have a family member, babysitter or neighbor that can help.  It is extremely helpful to have at least one other person around the day of the party.  Perhaps they can help with your planning also.

_____ 5. Time to think about food.  Will you be serving simple snacks and finger foods or having a buffet or sit down dinner.  Don’t forget drinks or punch bowl.  Start to make your grocery list.  Make a note of those foods that can be made in advance.


2 Weeks Before the Event

_____ 1. Gather your music and create your playlist.

_____ 2. Make a trip to the grocery store and buy any items on your list that are non perishable.  Prepare any dishes that can be frozen.

_____ 3. Now is the time to get together, order, and buy all your party decorations and party favors.  Make sure to visit and order your personalized party favors so that they will arrive in time for your event.  If you will be making your own, start making them now.



1 Week Before the Event

_____ 1. Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed.

_____ 2. Clean out your fridge to make room for all your party food needs.

_____ 3. If having the party at home, clean the house thoroughly now so that you will only have to do a quick once-over before the party.

_____ 4. Make sure you have enough film, video tape, and batteries.

_____ 5. Make sure you have enough serving dishes, utensils and cookware to prepare and serve your food.



1-2 Days Before the event

_____ 1. Remove previously prepared food from the freezer to thaw.

_____ 2. Pick up food and birthday cake if ordered OR decorate your cake.

_____ 3. Start to decorate your house preferably with help.  Arrange the furniture to make easy for guests to move around.  Prepare a place to store coats.  Designate a table for gifts.

_____ 4. Write a plan or agenda for your party. If you know exactly what you want to do when, and have it in writing, it will allow things to run smoothly the day of the event as well as alleviate any stress.

_____ 5.  Finish your grocery shopping and finish all cooking except for those items that must be prepared the day of the event.

_____ 6. Double check your party planning checklist again.  Make sure you haven’t missed anything.

_____ 7. Charge your camcorder/camera.

_____ 7.  Since guests will be using your restrooms, you may want to check your medicine cabinets and remove anything you do not want wondering eyes to see.



_____ 1. Place garbage cans where they are easily accessible.

_____ 2. Put down your disposable table cloths, and put out your food if any.

_____ 3. Finish last touches on your decorations, make sure to have a place prepared to put the gifts gifts. Prepare a place for the guest of honor.

_____ 4. Have party favors or party bags to give out ready to go by the door for when guests leave.

_____ 5. Pick up helium balloons.

_____ 6. Talk to your help so they know exactly what they are expected to do.

_____ 7.  Finish any last minute cooking

_____ 8.  Everything should be organized and displayed so that you are free to greet and mingle with your guests.


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